Tropical and Molecular Parasitology
Seminar Series and Journal Club
Spring 2008

Wednesday - 12:00 Noon
Rm 8101
McDonnell Pediatric Research Building

Please contact the host if you wish to meet with the speaker
Seminar and Journal Club Schedule
Date Speaker & Host Title/Topic


Jan. 30 Speaker: Dr. Tim J. Vickers
Beverley Lab
Global analysis of Leishmania folate metabolism TBA
Feb. 6
Speaker: Dr. Christopher Armstrong
Host: Goldberg Lab
A combined trasnscriptome and proteome survey of malaria parasite liver stages

PNAS (2008) 105: 305-310
PMID: 18172196

Feb. 13

Speaker: Luke Starnes

Speaker: Sarah Fentresss

Sibley Lab

Actin is required for endocytic trafficking in the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Heparan sulfate proteoglycans provide a signal to Plasmodium sporozoites to stop migrating and productively invade host cells

Cell Microbiol. (2008) 10:452-464
PMID: 17944961

Cell Host Microbe. (2007) 2: 316-327
PMID: 18005753

Feb. 20 Speaker: Dr. Peter Fischer
Weil Lab
Research to Support the Global Program to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis: Control and Diagnosis of Brugian Filariasis on Alor Island, Indonesia

Am J Trop Med Hyg. (2007) 76: 502-507
PMID: 17360875

J Clin Microbiol. (2006) 44:3887-3893
PMID: 16957038

Feb. 27 Speaker: Phillip Key
Host: Beverley Lab
Cytoplasmic remodeling of erythrocyte raft lipids during infection by the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum

Blood (2007) 110: 2132-2139
PMID: 17526861

Mar. 5 Speaker: Dr. Eva Istvan
Goldberg Lab
Plasmodium Isoleucine tRNA Synthetase

PNAS (2006) 103: 8840-8845
PMID: 16731623

Mar. 12 Speaker: Ildiko Rita Dunay, Ph.D.
Sibley Lab
Gr1+ Inflammatory Monocytes against Toxoplasma gondii in the gut TBA
Mar. 19

Speaker: Dr. Daojun Jiang

Speaker: Samantha McNulty

Weil Lab

Sperm chromatin proteomics identifies evolutionarily conserved fertility factors

Widespread Lateral Gene Transfer from Intracellular Bacteria to Multicellular Eukaryotes

Nature (2006) 443: 101-105
PMID: 16943775

Science (2007) 317: 1753-1756
PMID: 17761848

Mar. 26
Speaker: Dr. Hongjie Guo
Host: Beverley Lab
Arabinose or Fucose: which is essential to Leishmania BBRC (2007) 356: 604-609
Apr. 2 Speaker: Shalon Babbitt
Host: Goldberg Lab
Identification and Characterization of a Novel Plasmodium falciparum Merozoite Apical Protein Involved in Erythrocyte Binding and Invasion

PLoS ONE (2008) 3: e1732
PMID: 18320051

Apr. 9 Speaker: Dr. Junichi Watanabe
Host: Sibley Lab
Transcriptome Analysis of Parasites and Arthropods Using Full-length cDNA Library

NAR (2007) 35(Database issue): D431-D438
PMID: 17151081

Additional Commentary:

Apr. 16 Speaker: Hailyn V. Nielsen
Host: Beverley Lab

Regulatory T cells prevent control of experimental African trypanosomiasis

Trypanosoma cruzi induces regulatory dendritic cells in vitro

J Immunol. (2008)180:2514-2521
PMID: 18250461

Infect Immun. (2008) Mar 17 [Epub ahead of print]
PMID: 18347042

Apr. 23 Speaker: Vasant Muralidharan
Host: Goldberg Lab
Poly-Asparagine Regions in the Proteome of Plasmodium falciparum TBA
Apr. 30

Speaker: Dr. Jeffrey S. Buguliskis

Speaker: Sebastian Lourido
Host: Sibley Lab

Evolution of malaria parasite plastid targeting sequences

Forward Genetic Analysis of the Apicomplexan Cell Division Cycle in Toxoplasma gondii

PNAS U S A (2008) 105:4781-4785
PMID: 18353992

PLoS Pathog. (2008) 4:e36
PMID: 18282098


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