Tropical and Molecular Parasitology
Seminar Series and Journal Club
Fall 2011

Wednesday - 12:00 Noon
Rm 8101
McDonnell Pediatric Research Building

Please contact the host if you wish to meet with the speaker
Seminar and Journal Club Schedule
Date Speaker & Host Title/Topic


Sep. 7

Speaker: Naomi Morrissette, Ph.D. (CV)
Host: Sibley Lab

A SAS-6 Like Protein Suggests that the Toxoplasma Conoid Evolved from a Flagellar Axoneme

Article: Eukaryot Cell. (2010) 9: 1825-1834
PMID: 20870876

Sep. 14 Skip due to MPM    
Sep. 21 Speaker: Shalon Ledbetter
Host: Goldberg Lab
Amino Acid Starvation Response of the Malaria Parasite, Plasmodium falciparum  
Sep. 28

Speaker: Soojin Jang

Speaker: Tim J. Vickers, Ph.D.

ley Lab

Stage-specific requirement for Isa1 and Isa2 proteins in the mitochondrion of Trypanosoma brucei and heterologous rescue by human and Blastocystis orthologues

Acetate produced in the mitochondrion is the essential precursor for lipid biosynthesis in procyclic trypanosomes

Article: Mol Microbiol. (2011) 81:1403-1418
PMID: 21790804

Article: PNAS U S A. (2009)106:12694-12699
PMID: 19625628

Oct. 5

Speaker: Sebastian Lourido

Speaker: Sarah Fentress

Sibley Lab

The Motility of a Human Parasite, Toxoplasma gondii, Is Regulated by a Novel Lysine Methyltransferase

An EGF-like Protein Forms a Complex with PfRh5 and Is Required for Invasion of Human Erythrocytes by Plasmodium falciparum

Article: PLOS Pathog. (2011) 7: e1002201
PMID: 21909263

Article: PLOS Pathog. (2011) 7: e1002199
PMID: 21909261
Oct. 12 Speaker:Niraj Tolia, Ph.D.
Host: Tolia Lab

Receptor recognition by the Plasmodium EBL ligands: Structure, function, mechanism and inhibition.

Article: Nat Struct Mol Biol. (2011) 18: 908-914
PMID: 21743458

Oct. 19

Speaker: Audrey R. Odom, M.D., Ph.D.
Host: Odom Lab

Essential isoprenoids in Plasmodium falciparum  
Oct. 26 Speaker: Chris Paddon, Ph.D. (CV)
Host: Goldberg Lab
Microbially-Derived Semi-Synthetic Artemisinin: Stabilizing the Supply of an Important Anti-Malarial Drug for the Developing World

Article: Am J Trop Med Hyg. (2007) 77 (Suppl. 6):198-202 PMID:18165493

Article: PLoS One. (2009) 4:e4489
PMID: 19221601

Nov. 2

Speaker: Lon-Fye Lye, Ph.D.
Host: Beverley Lab

Leishmania RNA virus and RNA interference in Leishmania braziliensis  

Nov. 9

Speaker: Peter U. Fischer, Ph.D.
Host: Weil Lab
Recent advances in research on Wolbachia in filarial worms Article: PLoS One. (2010) 5: e11029
PMID: 20543958

Article: PLoS Negl Trop Dis. (2011) 5: e1174
PMID: 21629728
Nov. 16

Speaker: James D. Bangs, Ph.D. (CV)
Host: Beverley Lab

Lysomal Biogenesis and Function in African trypanosomes

Article: Mol Microbiol. (2008) 68: 933-946
PMID: 18430083

Article: Eukar Cell. (2009) 8: 1352-1361

Nov. 23

Speaker: Sebastian Lourido
Host: Sibley Lab

A chemical biology approach to dissecting essential signaling pathways in Toxoplasma  
Nov. 30

Speaker: Priya Pal
Host: Goldberg Lab

Results of Phase 3 Trial of RTS,S/AS01 Malaria Vaccine in African Children Article: N Engl J Med. (2011) [Epub ahead of print]
PMID: 22007715


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