Tropical and Molecular Parasitology
Seminar Series and Journal Club
Fall 2008

Wednesday - 12:00 Noon
Rm 8101
McDonnell Pediatric Research Building

Please contact the host if you wish to meet with the speaker
Seminar and Journal Club Schedule
Date Speaker & Host Title/Topic


Sep. 10

Speaker #1: Dr. Jeffrey S. Buguliskis

Speaker #2: Sebastian Lourido

Host: Sibley Lab

Speaker #1: Disruption of the Plasmodium falciparum PfPMT gene results in a complete loss of phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis via the SDPM pathway and severe growth and survival defects

Speaker #2: Exported proteins required for virulence and rigidity of Plasmodium falciparum-infected human erythrocytes

J Biol Chem. (2008) Aug 11
PMID: 18694927

Cell (2008)134:48-61
PMID: 18614010

Sep. 17
Speaker: Dr. Kristin M. Hager (CV)

Beverley Lab
Retrograde trafficking and organelle biogenesis in T. gondii: What's the ER got to do with it?

J Cell Sci. (1999) 112: 2631-8
PMID: 10413671

Eukaryot Cell. (2005)4: 432-42
PMID: 15701805

Mol Phylogenet Evol. (2007)44:1284-94
PMID: 17485226

Oct. 1

Speaker: Samantha Piper
Weil Lab

Wolbachia sequences in the chromosomal genome of Onchocercia flexuosa indicate past Wolbachia endosymbiosis  
Oct. 8 Speaker: Tamira Butler
: Goldberg Lab
The motor complex of Plasmodium falciparum: phosporylation by a calcium-dependent protein kinase J. Biol. Chem. (2008) Sep 3, [Epub ahead of print]
Oct. 15 Speaker: Dr. Niraj H. Tolia
Tolia Lab
Elucidating & disrupting receptor-ligand interactions required for erythrocyte-invasion by Plasmodium parasites

Cell (2005) 122:183-93
PMID: 16051144

Oct. 22 Speaker: Ildiko Rita Dunay, Ph.D.
Sibley Lab
Gr1+ inflammatory monocytes are crucial to control acute toxoplasmosis

Immunity (2008) 29:306-17
PMID: 18691912

Oct. 29 Speaker: Dr. Tim J. Vickers
: Beverley Lab
The genetics and biochemistry of 10-formyl-tetrahydrofolate metabolism in Trypanosomatids

PNAS (2002)99: 1152-1157
PMID: 11792845

J Biol Chem (2005) 280: 15659-15665
PMID: 15731104

Nov. 5

Speaker: Dr. Eva Istvan
Goldberg Lab

Validation of Plasmodium Ile-tRNA-Synthetase as a Drug Target

PNAS (2006) 103:8840-885
PMID: 16731623

Nov. 12

Speaker: Dr. Daojun Jiang

Speaker: Samantha McNulty

Weil Lab

A combined transcriptome and proteome survey of malaria parasite liver stages

Infection of the intermediate mite host with Wolbachia-depleted Litomosoides sigmodontis microfilariae: impaired L1 to L3 development and subsequent sex-ratio distortion in adult worms

PNAS U S A ( 2008)105: 305-310
PMID: 18172196

Int J Parasitol. (2008) 38: 981-987
PMID: 18282572

Nov. 19 Speaker: Dr. Audrey R. Odom
Odom Lab
Targeting isoprenoid biosynthesis in Plasmodium falciparum  
Nov. 26

Speaker: Aditi Alaganan

Speaker: Sarah Fentress
Sibley Lab

Control of parasitophorous vacuole expansion by LYST/Beige restricts the intracellular growth of Leishmania amazonensis

Regulatory interactions between IRG resistance GTPases in the cellular response to Toxoplasma gondii

PLoS Pathog. (2008) 4:e1000179
PMID: 18927622

EMBO J. (2008) 27:2495-2509
PMID: 18772884

Dec. 3 Speaker: Dr. Michael J. Blackman (CV)
Goldberg Lab
At the junction: processing and partners of a malarial invasion protein

J Biol Chem. (2007) 282:7431-41
PMID: 17192270

Dec. 10 Speaker: Elizabeth T. Kruvand
Beverley Lab
Leishmania genetic variation in a mainly asexual world - how many chromosomes would you like today?  



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